Åsksystem & Väderradar

Vaisala Lightning Integrator™ and Exporter™

Access Historical Lightning Data Quickly and Easily

Vaisala Lightning Integrator and Exporter data solutions provide quick and easy access to Vaisala's high-quality, accurate historical lightning data through an API or easy-to-use web interface. 

Vaisala Lightning Integrator allows you to incorporate historical lightning data into your existing company systems, and Lightning Exporter provides an easy-to-use REST API standard where historical lightning data can be incorporated into your organization’s existing tools and workflow.

Vaisala Lightning Exporter allows you to download historical lightning information. Simply enter the time and location of interest into our easy-to-use website and then download the data to your computer. Double click the .csv file to open as a spreadsheet or use the .shp format in a GIS software package. 

Lightning Integrator and Exporter provide data to justify downtime, review operational procedures and assets, and, in case of accidents, show that there has not been negligence with respect to worker safety. Commercial Safety Operations at utilities, mining companies, oil and gas terminals, maritime operations, airports and airlines now have the ability to quickly and easily access historical lightning data to create reports for management, legal teams, unions, or even external audiences.

Lightning Tracking Software LTS2005

Displays and archives real-time lightning in easy-to-use formats for monitoring and warning on approaching thunderstorms

LTS2005 displays real-time lightning in easy-to-use formats for monitoring thunderstorm cell development, assessing severity, and forecasting storm path and intensity.

Vaisala Thunderstorm Lightning Tracking Software LTS2005 displays real-time lightning in easy-to-use formats for monitoring thunderstorm cell development, assessing severity, and forecasting storm path and intensity. LTS2005 issues audible, visual and e-mail warnings and all clears. LTS2005 is designed for operators responsible for accurate forecasting and nowcasting over large areas ranging from several hundred to thousands of square kilometers: Meteorological and hydrometeorological agencies, Air traffic management, Electric power companies, Forestry and land management agencies, International airports, Telecommunications networks, Defense, Mining companies, and many others. LTS2005 is also appropriate for smaller operations focused on lightning risk management. Easy-to-interpret display modes, system settings, warning area definitions, and online help files can be handled by operators who are not trained as meteorologists.

X-band Weather Radar

Seize outstanding performance, data quality, and reliability

The new X-band Weather Radar provides highly accurate measurements for a limited area, filling in a gap in a national radar network or delivering precise information for an airport. Severe weather in mountainous areas and gaps under sparse weather radar networks will now be visible when X-band radars are added to the weather radar networks. Airport safety and efficiency will be improved with accurate detection and nowcasting of hazardous conditions.

C-band Weather Radar WRM100

Single polarization Doppler weather radar with an upgrade possibility to dual polarization

A single polarization C-band magnetron Doppler weather radar for weather surveillance, severe weather monitoring, hydrometeorological applications, e.g. flood forecasting, airport wind shear detection and hurricane/typhoon/cyclone tracking. The most widely used type of weather radar because of it's low initial and lifecycle costs. With modern digital receiver and processing techniques, the performance of magnetron systems rivals costlier Klystron systems.

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