Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30


The first road surface state sensor designed specifically for snow plows

MD30 monitors road conditions and transmits weather data — surface surface state, grip, relative humidity, dew point and road and air temperature — from snow plows or any vehicle without disruption and works well as a standalone sensor or to help fill in data between stationary weather stations.


Built Tough: Designed for snow plows and molded to withstand heavy vibration and prevent water ingress. The patent-pending hood protects the lens from snow and road spray and easily removes for cleaning.

Surface Temperature is only part of the story: MD30 transmits real-time data on grip and road state, layer thicknesses of water/ice/snow, road and air temperature, relative humidity, frost and dew point.

Simple and Affordable: Compact size enables easy installation with many options, and the affordability enables wide-scale fleet deployments.

Solid Technology Foundation: Features the third generation of Vaisala’s market-leading DSC laser technology and benefits from Vaisala’s experience in industry-leading weather measurement.

Data Visualization: Leverage live data and imagery to support treatment actions.

Winter Maintenance Decision Support System


Winter Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) helps road authorities, contractors and municipalities make roads safer with proactive working methods and save money due to precautionary winter maintenance actions. The service is suitable for road and airport winter maintenance in any country.

It has been developed based on 20+ years' experience in providing road weather forecasts and services for winter road maintenance. Every customer has their own requirements and needs for the service. That's why Vaisala provides a modular system that can be tailored to include a custom set of features and configured according to specific maintenance requirements. As an option, the road weather information can be delivered as data through API.

With the MDSS, you can standardize all the employees' decision-making methods, regardless of the diverse level of expertise, reducing the risk of human error in difficult situations. Having more time and the best possible information when making winter maintenance decisions allows you to make optimal winter maintenance actions. With the ability to reduce over-maintenance, i.e. rarely playing safe, there is room for cost savings. In addition, with the help of accurate forecasts and comprehensive weather monitoring tools, you are able to execute precautionary maintenance actions (anti-icing) more often, which requires four times fewer chemicals than reacting afterwards (de-icing). Optimal decisions will save both nature and your money.

Road and Runway Surface and Depth Sensor DRS511

Weather impacts the road surface constantly. Having a sensor that can provide as much information about the current state of the road is extremely valuable. The Vaisala Road Surface and Depth Sensor does just that, providing key information about road weather conditions. In addition, the DRS511 is able to accurately measure depth of water on the roadway, which can assist with determining hydroplaning.

Thermal Mapping

Thermal Mapping is a vehicle-based survey technique, scientifically proven to identify and quantify the distribution of temperature differences across a highway network. 

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