HydroMet™ Automatic Weather Station MAWS201


Portable AWS for temporary installations

The Vaisala HydroMet™ Automatic Weather Station MAWS201 is a portable AWS for temporary installations, featuring the same design as the Vaisala TacMet Tactical Meteorological Observation System MAWS201M for demanding tactical meteorological applications. Its lightweight aluminium tripod and easy-to-use connectors make it fast to set up. Each leg is adjustable for use on uneven terrain. 

Road and Runway Weather Station RWS200

Intelligent, fixed environmental sensing station (ESS)

Road weather information is the key to successful decision making.  The RWS200 is intelligently designed, with sophisticated algorithms and smart power management, because reliability is what matters.  Deploy only what you need to do the job, all without sacrificing accuracy.

RWS200´s compatibility with various sensors makes it a complete road weather information solution. Vaisala sensors, mainly atmospheric, are sold around the world for many different applications. They are sold with Vaisala weather stations and without; however, when used as part of the RWS200, each sensor gains both accuracy and serviceability through communication between the station and the sensors, and even using data from other Vaisala sensors to validate the measurements.

Automatic Weather Station AWS310


Vaisala AWS310 is a complete communication and data monitoring solution measuring multiple parameters that satisfies the general and specific needs of several applications, including synoptic, aviation, agricultural meteorology, hydrology, and climatology and even energy industry applications. The ability to use the same standard hardware and software for many different requirements lowers the cost of training, spare parts, and logistics support. When considering the total life cycle cost of operating an entire network, Vaisala systems are the most economical solution.


WMO-compliant sensors for validated data.

Easy remote monitoring of network status via optional NM10 software.

Remote configuration management.

Long calibration intervals.

Fast delivery for preconfigured systems.

TacMet® Tactical Meteorological Observation System MAWS201M


The MAWS201M is available in two versions: the Basic System measures meteorological parameters, and the Enhanced System incorporates aviation support. In the basic configuration, the Vaisala MAWS201M System comprises a sensor set of a wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity and precipitation sensor.

The enhancement configuration offers full aviation support, interfacing with intelligent sensors, such as ceilometer, present weather sensor and lightning strike detector. Moreover, the basic MAWS201M can be connected to Vaisala MARWIN® Sounding System for reading surface data. 


The mechanical parts are of lightweight but robust anodized aluminum and durable plastic

The system is powered by mains or an integrated solar panel.

The lightweight carrying cases are rugged and provide excellent cushioning during transport.

Equipped with handles, hinges and latches for which padlocks can be used

Wide variety of TacMet® customer services are also available.

Meteorological Installation Kit HMT330MIK


Obtaining a true humidity reading is particularly important in e.g. fog and frost prediction and in traffic safety. The Vaisala Meteorological Installation Kit HMT330MIK enables the Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter HMT337 to be installed outdoors to obtain reliable measurements for meteorological purposes. The installation kit can be ordered in a variety of configurations.


Patented, warmed probe prevents condensation

Ideal for measuring in water vapor injection applications

Warmed probe provides true humidity readings in condensing conditions

Humidity measurement expressed as relative humidity and/or dew point temperature

Easy field calibration with the HM70 hand-held meter

Radiotheodolite RT20A


The RT20A  consists of portable modules which can be integrated easily into your own mechanized transportation concept. The RT20A, as a part of the complete tactical Vaisala sounding system including 1680 MHz Vaisala radiosondes, provides highly accurate upper-air meteorological data (wind speed/direction, humidity, temperature and pressure) in standard message formats. Easy to transport and quick to deploy, the RT20A has proven to be the world’s most advanced and accurate RDF antenna for upper-air sounding. Alongside the RT20A, the Vaisala MARWIN® Sounding System MW32 automates data handling and provides messages in relevant STANAG and WMO formats.

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